Discover the many benefits of cask whiskey investment.

Find out more about becoming a cask owner today and get involved in this exciting market.

London Cask Traders, a team of city-based whiskey experts, have worked hard over the years to establish strong connections in the industry, allowing our clients to profit from this great market that was once closed off for the average investor and traded by an exlusive group of investors only. We have gone from strength to strength dealing in this supply and demand market, making clients happy by connecting them to only the most valuable casks available with the highest growth potential.

Our great team of whiskey experts are here to give you professional advice to help you avoid common pitfalls in the whisky market and make sure your whisky investment journey is an enjoyable, straight-forward and profitable one. If you are looking for strong returns, portfolio diversification and tax free gains, we really believe there is no better investment for you. Download our free guide today and discover more about this exciting market.

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Purchasing your cask with us is easy

At London Cask Traders we ensure your whiskey investment journey is a simple one. We take care of everything from start to finish.


Consultation Call

The first step involves having a consultation call with a portfolio manager. Your portfolio manager will speak to you regarding whiskey, get to know your personal situation, answer any questions you may have and talk you through the different options that may suit your criteria.


Receive Proposal

Once your portfolio manager has taken time to understand your needs and goals, they will then send you an investment proposal containing a choice of investment options based on your requirements. Your portfolio manager will call you once you have received your proposal to answer any questions you may have.


Accept Proposal

The investment proposal will contain all details regarding which casks you are purchasing in which volume, the year of the casks, the bonded warehouse they’re stored in and the insurance and warehousing details. Once you have confirmed you are happy with the proposal your portfolio manager will send you a online document for you to sign and will request various anti money laundering documents off you for legal purposes.



Once the agreement is signed and the relevant documentation is sent back to us we will issue payment details for you to make payment. This can be done by debit or credit card or via bank transfer.


Watch it grow!

Once your payment has been confirmed we will allocate your whiskey casks to your account, send you your certifictes of ownership and post you a special London Cask Traders welcome pack to your door. Your portfolio manager will be available for any questions you may have through the duration of your investment and will be happy to assist you with the exit of your investment when you wish to sell.

Whiskey proven to be the best performing asset of the decade

The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2020 states rare whiskey is the best performing collectible asset of the past decade, growing a massive 586% in the past 10 years. It is easy to understand why investors are using whisky as an asset to grow their portfolio and secure their capital.

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Request our brochure today and discover why the wealthy are pouring their money into whiskey for a safe, secure way to grow their capital.

irish whiskey brochure

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