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Whisky has been proven to outperform the stock market and the property market

It is no surprise that investors are switching from their traditional investments to this high performing, tangible asset class. Just look at the performance of whisky over the past decade compared to the stock market and the property market. Across the decade it almost trebled investor’s returns, and with almost every country in the world drinking whisky in 2021 and export figures rising, we can only expect that growth to continue upwards. As we can see from this chart the value of the whisky grows exponentially as years go by, so we advise you to hold your investment for the long term for optimal results.

These figures are sourced from Scotch Whisky Industry Review, FTSE All-Share Total Returns Index, HM Land Registry and put together by Whisky Invest Direct.
average returns on exit 2009-2018 chart

The Rare Whisky Apex 1000 Index shows us the value of whisky is going up exponentially

We can tell from looking at the Rare Whisky Apex 1000 index, an index that tracks the performance of the 1000 most sought after bottles of Scotch whisky, that the value of whisky is going up exponentially. Come on board with us and start reaping the financial rewards that investors are getting in the whisky market.

rare whisky apex 1000 index chart

Whisky has proven to be the best performing alternative investment over the decade according to Knight Frank Wealth Report 2019 - increasing by a huge 586% in 10 years

The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2019 tells us that rare whisky increased in value by a huge 586% over the course of a decade. This makes whisky the best performing alternative investment asset of the decade to be listed on the wealth report. Even the second-best performing asset, coins, didn’t come anywhere close. Now you’re aware whisky has outperformed bank based investments, the stock market, the property market and all other luxury investments, what is stopping you from adding this great asset to your portfolio?

knight frank luxury index 10 year performance chart

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